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About Jean

Jean Kolor approaches dog training for her busy clients and students with nearly 30 years of animal training and husbandry experience to offer. Jean spent 22 years with Guiding Eyes for the Blind in various capacities, including Assistant Director of Puppy Evaluations, instructor, and class supervisor. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Animal Science from S.U.N.Y. Cobleskill, where she concentrated in horse husbandry, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Cornell in Animal Science. Jean is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, considered one of the most prestigious designations for professional dog trainers.

Jean has spent many years supporting rescue organizations, from fostering dogs to training fellow volunteers to providing behavioral consultations. A training junkie, Jean spends her free time training and hiking with her own three dogs, Shadow, Ivy, and youngster Bryson. Shadow is a retired guide dog who enjoys agility and Nose Work, and he and Ivy both hold their Nose Work 2 titles. Youngster Bryson is determined to catch up to his big siblings.

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The story behind the First Friend

Inspired by the Rudyard Kipling story The Cat That Walked By Himself , First Friend Canine Consulting pays homage to the loyalty of the family dog, beginning with the aptly named First Friend from Kipling’s charming origin story.

Why positive training?

Simply put, because it works. We’re fortunate to benefit from decades of behavioral science clearly demonstrating the power of positive training to transform canine behavior, allowing us to avoid common unwanted (and sometimes tragic) side effects of more traditional punishment based training. Armed with this science, well-educated trainers have en masse set aside old school methods in favor of safer, more humane approaches to training.

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As a Karen Pryor Academy graduate and Certified Training Partner, Jean often uses a technique called clicker training, in which a small hand-held noise maker helps bridge the gap of interspecies communication to speed up the training process. Jean particularly likes clicker training for her busy clients and students for just this reason.

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The First Friend guarantee

Within the serious professional dog training community it is considered unethical to guarantee specific training outcomes. In fact, both leading professional associations—the Pet Professional Guild and the Association for Professional Dog Trainers—forbid doing so. And there’s good reason for that. Dogs are, after all, sentient beings who make independent decisions. How can anyone guarantee the behavior of another living organism?

But what Jean does guarantee is that you will see progress and positive change in your dog, and that she’ll endeavor to put the full force of her experience and expertise into helping you reach your training goals. She also strives to make all of her services and classes as respectful of your precious time and resources as possible.

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