Enjoy a harmonious household

filled with the pitter-patter of little feet and paws

Whether you’re currently planning your family or already have a full household, I’ll help you set your two- and four-legged kids up for success together.

Serving Poughkeepsie, Wappingers Falls, Beacon and Newburgh.

Preparing your pup for your baby

Baby’s arrival is an exciting time. It’s also a time of huge adjustment for everyone, including your dog. Getting her ready ahead of time can save frustration, stress, and even heartbreak.

I’ll teach you how to prepare your dog for the changes to come, and also get a jump-start on behaviors that will make all the difference once baby arrives, such as polite sit-stays to say hello (especially if you live with a jumper!) and a go-to-your-mat cue so you can change diapers and nurse without doggie interruptions.

Getting Fido out from underfoot

Preparing bottles, changing diapers, nursing, bathing baby. There are plenty of activities that are much easier to accomplish without Fido’s nose in the mix. A strong go-to-your-mat cue is just the thing for those moments when you need to simplify.


Baby toys versus dog toys

A lot of baby’s things are pretty tempting for the typical dog. Bottles and rattles and stuffed animals are easily and understandably mistaken for chew toys. I’ll show you simple ways to teach your dog what’s hers—and what isn’t.

Easy stroller walking

It’s hard enough to get your dog to just walk nicely on leash, right? And now there’s a stroller involved—ack! A little training can go a long way toward enjoying both baby and dog while getting a little fresh air and exercise for yourself.

Baby still on the way? Even better. Let’s get Fido accustomed to walking politely with the stroller now—one big thing checked off your baby prep list!

Safe, polite toddler-dog interactions

Everything changes when baby starts moving. Crawling and walking bring new challenges in a multi-species household, with potentially disastrous results. I’ll help smooth out relations between your little one and your pooch, for safety on all sides.

Ready to get started?

Household harmony is just 2 steps away.

1. Strategy Session

I’ll come to your home at a time convenient to you. We’ll discuss your needs and lay out a personalized, custom training plan for reaching them.  And I’ll leave you with an easy-to-implement management plan to bring you some immediate relief from any issues you’re already experiencing

2. Customized Training Sessions

Working around your busy schedule we’ll meet as needed to implement your training plan and make sure you’re seeing the progress you need.

Training family dogs requires special credentials

I’m a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator.

I believe in seeking the highest training for everything I do. That’s why I’m a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator. FPPE is world-renowned for leading the charge in training dog trainers to work with the delicate and critically important issues surrounding safe co-existence of dogs with babies and toddlers.

As an FPPE educator I’ve completed over three months of rigorous study and training to apply my dog training knowledge and skills to working specifically with dogs adjusting to new human family members. I’m eager to use this specialized skill set to bring you the peace of mind that comes with harmony between your little one and your dog.

I’m available for community talks on living with dog & baby or toddler

As a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator, I’m available to share informative, engaging talks for expecting and new parents.

Dogs & Storks Presentation

This fun talk covers the serious topic of preparing dogs for baby’s arrival, and smoothing the transition once baby’s already here. We cover many topics, including recognizing signs of stress or early aggression in dogs, easy tricks for teaching dogs to enjoy a baby’s presence, and simple obedience cues to help with the day-to-day juggling of baby and dog.

Dogs & Toddlers

Now that baby’s on the move, the risk of incidents increases. This talk shares a wide range of tips for securing smooth, safe interactions and co-existence between toddlers and dogs. Because dogs can’t pipe up to tell us when they’re stressed or upset, attendees also learn to read canine body language signals indicating trouble may be on the way, so they can step in well before tensions escalate.

A speaking fee applies when attendees are charged an entry fee. I waive my fee for all talks made free to the public.

Ready for relief?

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Private family dog training for expecting and new parents in the Hudson Valley, including Fishkill, Wappingers Falls, and Poughkeepsie.