We do the training for you.

Day training program

With First Friend’s Day Training Program we do the training for you. Plus you always have the support of a certified dog trainer, not only between your sessions but also for the life of your dog for the behaviors worked on in your training program. We want you to be successful. This is our way to make sure that the bumps in the road do not get you and your dog sidelined.

The Wonder Dog

A certified professional trainer teaches your dog foundation skills that will have your dog listening to you and responding to basic obedience behaviors: from sits to stays, down and place as well as responding to his name.

Problem behaviors like jumping, barking, pawing, chewing, and pulling on leash can be irritating as well as damaging, and even dangerous. Your dog will learn alternate ways to get your attention and spend her time.

This program includes three training sessions for your dog per week with a certified trainer and one transfer session for you and your dog at the end of each week with 2 additional transfer sessions scheduled after the end of your program to be sure training is continuing on track. Plus lifetime support for the behaviors worked on from a certified trainer through email or phone.

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  • Foundation obedience skills (sit, down, stay, come, place, etc)

  • House manners training to stop annoying behaviors

  • Lifetime support from a certified trainer for the behaviors worked on via email or phone

  • Balance Harness

  • Treat Pouch

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Ready to get started?

A well-behaved dog is just 3 steps away.

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Strategy Session

I come to your home at a time convenient to your schedule. We discuss your dog training goals and lay out a personalized, custom plan for reaching them. I’ll also help you understand why your dog is doing what he does (or not doing what you wish he would), and share simple tips to improve his behavior while you wait for the full results of training.

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Training sessions with your dog

I come to your home at set intervals to train your dog. I’ll work with him in your home, neighborhood, or wherever issues are occurring or you need to see results. Watch me train if you like, but don’t feel you need to be there—head to work as usual or attend to other things on your busy schedule.

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Transfer sessions to share results with you

We’ll meet twice during training so I can teach your dog to do his new tricks for you, and show you how to make the most of the training I’ve done. Then we'll meet once more, two weeks after training is complete.