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That's why my Hudson Valley dog training classes are conveniently scheduled for nights and weekends,
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Serving Poughkeepsie, Wappingers Falls, Beacon and Newburgh and surrounding areas.
Group classes held in Wappingers Falls, NY

The First Friend Dog Training Class Formula

  • Small classes for personalized attention for you and your dog
  • A customized training plan for your dog, focused on your goals
  • An instructor with nearly 30 years of experience
  • A fun, friendly, supportive class experience for you and your dog
  • A safe, positive, effective approach to training based on science
  • A focus on results to respect your busy schedule

Puppy Start Right Puppy Training Class

Puppy Training Classes Wappingers Falls NY USA

The science is clear that training between the ages of 7 and 16 weeks gives you the best chance of living with an easy-going, friendly, well-socialized adult dog who’s a delight to have around. So, in Puppy Start Right we do just that—give you and your puppy a great start together. We’ll address common puppy issues like housetraining, biting, chewing, and excess energy, teach simple basic manners foundations, and have fun with socialization exercises to help your pup grow up into a polite, socially savvy dog.

Puppy Training Class Details

  • $185 class tuition fee
  • Limited to 4 puppies per class
  • One-hour orientation with your puppy
  • 4 one-hour puppy socialization and training classes
  • Puppy Start Right book (valued at $25)

Teens & In-Betweens Basic Dog Training Class

You’ve successfully navigated puppyhood and now you are into your pup’s adolescence. Adolescence begins as early as 5 months of age and can last up to 2 years of age. It is a time of many changes for you pup. Just like a teenage human, a teenage dog experiences a flood of hormones which have not only a physical impact but also a behavioral impact. At this stage things can go awry and your teen dog needs your parental guidance and support more than ever. In Teens & In-Betweens I will help you to navigate what can be a challenging time for you and your pup while we continue to strengthen the behaviors learned in Puppy Start Right.

Basic Manners Dog Training Class Details

  • $210 class tuition fee
  • One-hour orientation with your dog
  • 5 one-hour training classes
  • Puppy Start Right graduates: will skip orientation; $175 class tuition
  • AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test for pups under 1 year old
  • Upon passing the test, you’ll get an application to send to AKC® for enrollment in the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program

Life Skills for the Well Mannered Dog Advanced Dog Training Class

We take a real-life approach to advanced manners for real-life results: You and your dog will learn and practice new cues and skills in everyday scenarios like polite greetings, good manners during mealtimes, safe interactions with kids, and smooth neighborhood walks. Your dog will learn sit, down, stay, go to your bed, leave it, recall, loose leash walking, and—most importantly—how to focus on you in distracting situations. You’ll learn how to apply what you learn to solve problems outside the classroom, where training results matter most.

Advanced Manners Dog Training Class Details

  • $210 class tuition fee
  • One-hour orientation with your dog
  • 5 one-hour training classes
  • Teens & In-Betweens graduates: $175 tuition fee, no orientation, 5 one-hour training classes

Canine Good Citizen Beyond the Basics Dog Training Class

In addition to expanding your dog’s daily life skills and responsiveness, a Canine Good Citizen title from the American Kennel Club opens all kinds of doggie doors. Many therapy dog organizations require a CGC title to volunteer with your dog. Many landlords prefer to rent to people whose dogs hold a CGC. And even if you don’t need these perks, you’ll benefit from a dog who knows how to handle herself with grace in high pressure situations. If that’s not enough of an argument, CGC class is fun!

Canine Good Citizen Dog Training Class Details

  • $145 tuition fee, includes testing fee
  • pre-requisite: Life Skills for the Well-Mannered Dog or instructor permission
  • 3 one-hour preparation classes
  • 1 one-hour review and testing class

Rockin’ Recall Dog Training Class

Everyone wants a rockin’ recall, and with good reason. Not only is a fast, reliable recall convenient and ego-boosting, it can literally save your dog’s life. Unfortunately (and frustratingly!) dogs don’t come pre-programmed to come when called. That’s why we offer this class solely dedicated to teaching your dog to come when you call— right away, and no matter the situation. If you’re tired of shouting for your dog over and over (and over…), join us for this fun, high-energy class to help your dog build a rockin’ recall.

Teaching Your Dog To Come Dog Training Class Details

Walk This Way: Leash Walking Dog Training Class

Are you tired of your dog dragging you around? Do your arms and back ache every time you walk your dog? If dog walks have become an exercise in frustration and embarrassment, it’s time to get you and your dog on the same leash! Join us for this fun specialty leash walking class designed to turn your leash monster into an enjoyable walking partner.

Teaching Your Dog To Walk Politely Dog Training Class Details

firstfriendcanineconsulting Life Skills Well Mannered Dog Basic Dog Training Class

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Classes held in Wappingers Falls, NY