First Friend and Family Paws Parent Education – Dog Training for New Families

Apr 17, 2018

Dog Training for New Families

Family Paws Parent Education programs are now available through First Friend Canine Consulting. As a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator, trainer Jean Kolor can provide new and expecting families who have dogs with support and training to help them and their dog transition to life with baby.

The Dogs and Storks program educates parents on how best to prepare their dog and their home for the arrival of baby. Babies grow and change so rapidly and before you know it there is a toddler in the house. This can be a challenging time for the family dog. The Dogs and Toddlers program will help families with this new ever changing transition.

Keeping dogs in their homes is a goal of First Friend Canine Consulting. Preparation and training will improve safety and reduce stress for the family and their dog. Many behavior problems are preventable as are common conflicts.

Six great ways to prepare with your dog for life with baby:

  1. Practice separating your dog with a gate or in another room WHILE you are home and active. This will be helpful once baby arrives and as baby grows.
  2. Identify and decrease attention-seeking behaviors such as pawing, barking or jumping.
  3. Become familiar with the subtle signals and body language of dogs.
  4. Begin a baby-friendly, flexible routine of feeding and activities – and include your dog! Be sure to use these opportunities to practice obedience skills.
  5. Role-play with a doll & baby equipment to help gradually expose your dog to these new and exciting items. Reward calm and desired behaviors as they occur.
  6. Create and begin using designated “dog zones” such as gated or closed rooms, outside, crates, tethers, etc. We like to refer to these areas as “success stations.” Set them up so that, when your dog is in these areas, they can only succeed. If you have multiple dogs, get them used to being apart from one another as well.

As a Family Paws Parent Educator I can support you and your family dog before and after baby arrives. Changes in your dog’s behavior are common during times of transition. Planning and preparing for this time is a great proactive approach to decrease stress and increase success.