Private In-Home Dog Training

Oct 3, 2018

Private In-Home Dog Training: Poughkeepsie, Beacon and surrounding areas

Do you have a new puppy who is a biting chewing, peeing and pooping machine? Is your adolescent dog making you nuts? Getting in the garbage, barking or jumping? Are walks a nightmare? Pulling, lunging or barking at people and dogs? Is your dog fearful of people? Are your two dogs fighting with each other?

You need help. I have the solutions. First Friend Canine Consulting offers training and behavior consultations in the privacy and comfort of your home. Not only is it convenient for you but we are able to work on the problems in the environment where they are occurring.

I can offer immediate relief through management practices and then design a custom training plan to change your dog’s undesirable behaviors into desirable ones.

Dog Private Coaching and Day Training

There are two options for private training: Coaching and Day Training. Coaching is what is most commonly done. I come to your house for about an hour and I work with you and your dog teaching you how to train your dog. You work on homework assignments with your dog during the week. We meet again the following week to see where you are at in your training and to add in lessons as you and your dog are ready for them.

Day Training is a program for folks who do not want to do the majority of the training themselves. With Day Training I come to your house 3 times a week to train your dog for about an hour. You do not need to be home. You are of course welcome to watch but if you are busy you can go about your day. Then at the end of the week I meet with you and we go over what your dog has been learning all week. I teach you how to work with him and give you some exercises to practice. The following week I again come to train your dog for 3 days and then meet with you for a transfer session.

For results and peace of mind talk to me today about how I can provide the solutions to your dog behavioral needs. If you are in the area surrounding Poughkeepsie or Beacon First Friend Canine Consulting can help you with private training.